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Issue 4: Were/Are/Will

Orphan Tongue is happy to announce our open call for Issue 4: Were/Are/Will!  This issue is focused on the past/present/future of our collective movement for human rights, dignity, and self-determination. 


We are using issue 4 to challenge what it means to be a foster youth and to use this moment to build a new movement that is led by our own language and definitions. Let us create a movement that is based on inclusivity and not exclusivity--let us understand that family policing and regulation shows up in different ways in our movement. Approach this community project as an opportunity to share your voice, your lived experiences, and what you believe the direction our movement needs to take. Do we need to focus on mental health, incarceration, self-medication, housing, education, or some new topic we haven't focused on at all? 

What are we looking for?

This open call is accepting ALL forms of art: poetry, photography, paintings, films, ceramics, etc. Submit your work to get published in our printed zine and also get your artwork exhibited at our May 2022 in-person art gallery! Our exhibition will move through multiple cities across California, and the US, to create more attention around the artwork and voices of foster youth!


Our Prompt for Issue 4:

Create a piece of artwork that shows your voice in the foster youth movement. Each of our stories are unique and powerful, it is important that each voice of our movement is heard. What do you think the future of our movement will look like? What issues do we need to address RIGHT NOW? How can we learn from the past? Use your artwork to showcase your voice and demand change! 

We are excited to work with you all and bring a microphone to your voices!

Deadline: April 15th, 2022

Issue 2: Self-Determination

In September 2021, foster youth artists from across California created issue 2 of Orphan Tongue. The only foster youth led zine in the entire U.S.

OT_Issue 2_Print File_Page_01.jpg
OT_Issue 2_Print File_Page_01.jpg

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