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The Mini Fellowship

Uplifting Foster Youth Voices

Colorful Paper Cutouts

Our Goal

The Mini Fellowship has been established to help foster youth find their voice through art expression and simultaneously bring awareness to the pressing issues impacting our community. During their fellowship, each artist creates their own mini-zine campaign that focuses on a topic they choose---our fellows have 100% creative control of their project. Our team works one-on-one with each artist and helps develop a body of work that can be displayed in a mini-zine campaign. 


We chose the mini zine as the medium for this fellowship so our artists can make and deliver their work to communities through a personal, democratized, and self led avenue. Each Mini Fellow is working independently as they create their own campaign, explore their identity, and make their voice heard through art.


Our fellows bring a variation of experiences to our program, showcasing the diversity in our foster youth community. Zine making experience is not necessary to join this fellowship, so our artists are learning through trial and error--a reflection of our communities resiliency, our fellows do not quit, but grow. 


The Mini fellowship open's up every month! Continue to check-in, or reach out to our director, to bring your idea to life with full funding from our program!


How can you help?

If you are a foster youth, or ally, share our website with more foster youth so our community can take advantage of these resources. We are looking to work with current and former foster youth from across the United States. If you were in the foster care system at one point in your life, you qualify! 

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