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Brianna Lopez

I’m a former foster youth, current college student, full-time employee, mommy, and wife. I believe my identity as a foster youth has molded me into who I am today, and both the good and bad experiences still influence my current decisions. However, through all I have been through, I sum up my experience in foster care in one word: resilience.

I love poetry and creating collages, which is why I will be incorporating a bit of both in my mini fellowship project. I believe art in all forms is expressive. When words fail, art speaks.

I would like to share my feelings in a way that may resonate deeper than just words - for my audience, I want to paint a picture of my pain, my past, and my power.

@inherwordsofficial is the IG for my startup company “In Her Words." I am still working on this idea, but my goal is to create a site for young at-risk women to share their artwork and find peace and familiarity in one another’s stories. 

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